Nepal Bangladesh Business Forum
“Strengthening Nepal- Bangladesh Business Ties: Engage, Explore, and Invest from Sea to Himalayas"
Mr. Sunil K.C.
CEO/Founder- The Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs ( AIDIA).
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Dear Business friends,
Warm welcome to the Nepal-Bangladesh Business Forum (NBBF) 2016!!

I am very pleased to announce that NBBF is initiated. I hope it provides a pioneering platform for the businesspersons for networking and flourishing the business between the nations.
As we know that Bangladesh is only 526 KM away from Nepal by road and it takes 1 hr air flight to reach Dhaka from Kathmandu. Nepal and Bangladesh has been enjoying cordial relations since long time ago. Nepal is one of the countries who recognized Bangladesh after its independence from Pakistan. Nepal has also supported Bangladesh during their growing time and now Bangladesh is one the fastest growing economy in South Asia after India and it has 158.5 million populations. Despite the fact of majority of religion is Hindu in Nepal and Muslim in Bangladesh, there has been friendly, cordial and brotherly relations between the nations.

I have visited Bangladesh for the first time in 2014 and very much impressed with the progress of economy, business and trade in Bangladesh. I went Dhaka as a first private VIP guest from Nepal and got wonderful hospitality from the Government of Bangladesh and its people.

During my visit- I proposed to organize " Nepal- Bangladesh Business Forum" annually to boost the trade and investment in between the two developing states .Finally in 2015 the Hon. Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal expressed her interest to work with Nepalese Think-Tank AIDIA for the Business Forum.

I felt that Nepal can make Bangladesh a gate way to enter South East Asia and beyond by using the sea port offered by the government of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi can make Nepal a gate way to enter the China and some states of India for the business. There are many opportunities for Nepalese in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi in Nepal.

Thus, I thought to keep the main theme for this year: " Nepal- Bangladesh Business Ties: Engage, Explore & Invest from Sea to Himalayas". I hope “Nepal- Bangladesh Business Forum" can be a best platform to expand the business in both countries and it will work as a strong arm for the both countries business house.

Namste & Thank You!
Mr. Sunil K.C.
CEO/Founder- The Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs ( AIDIA).

The Forum intends to bring together the government personnel including the business expert from Bangladeshwith trade and commerce experts from government and private sectors of Nepal, members of the local and Business Associations, as well as scholars from various universities, business people and youth, in order to brainstorm on the unexplored opportunities for the enhancement of economic and trade relations between the two countries, as well as between their respective regions. The Forum is also conceived as an opportunity for business personnel to introduce themselves and the organization among local trade and business public, as well as to highlight the main economic opportunities for Nepalese and Bangladeshi people.

H.E. Ms. Mashfee Binte Shams
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal
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I am delighted to learn of the initiative taken to launch the “Bangladesh-Nepal Business Forum” – a platform that is aimed at bringing the business persons of the two countries together to find out the available synergies and work out the ways and means to harness them for mutual benefit. I deeply appreciate and applaud the efforts of Bangladeshi and Nepali businessmen for this outstanding initiative. It is also a matter of great pleasure to learn that the Forum is being planned to be launched during the Seminar “Strengthening Bangladesh-Nepal Ties: Engage, Explore and Invest From the Himalayas to the Seas” being organized in conjunction with the 2nd Bangladesh Expo scheduled to be held in Kathmandu from 21-26 January 2016.

Bangladesh is presently experiencing rapid economic growth in manufacturing, services, industrial and agricultural sectors due to forward looking and dynamic economic policies of the Government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The country is planning to achieve Middle Income Status by 2021 and Developed Country Statues by 2041. One of the main elements of this development policy is to reach out to other countries in the region for cooperation in the field of trade and commerce, agriculture and agro-products, power and energy, tourism and hospitality and many others and harness the potentials for maximizing economic growth and socio-economic development.

I am very happy learn that following the success of the 1st Bangladesh Expo and the Safe Home Expo of Building and Construction Materials held in Kathmandu in January and August 2015 respectively, around 70 leading Bangladeshi Business houses representing various sectors such as Building and Construction materials, Pharmaceuticals, Ready Made Garments, Handicrafts, Frozen Sea Foods, Ceramic products, Textiles, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Herbal products, Agro-technology, Information Technology Firms, Batteries and Accumulators, Electronics, Home Appliances, etc. are participating in the 2nd Bangladesh Expo. I am confident that display of such diversified products from Bangladesh will help the business community of Nepal to learn about the wide variety of products they can source from Bangladesh economically and create an opportunity for the business community to establish contact for enhancing bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Nepal. I firmly believe that the Expo, the Seminar and finally the Business Forum will provide opportunities for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to strengthen business linkage with the Nepali business community.

Bangladesh and Nepal have enjoyed excellent relations in all spheres including political, business, trade and culture for millennia. I am confident that strong linkages among entrepreneurs of the two countries will enhance these historical relations and help to strengthen relationship in all other spheres as we work towards common aspirations of shared prosperity and a future free of poverty and deprivation.

I wish the Bangladesh-Nepal Business Forum a successful future.
Thank You !